This is the website of the 73rd Student Conference on Linguistics (StuTS). We are looking forward to welcoming you in Frankfurt am Main in early summer 2023! The conference will take place from May 25 till 29, 2023 at Campus Westend, Goethe University.

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Best Presentation The prices for the best presentation have been awarded to Alexander Clemen, Ronny Steinicke, and Pauline Reiß!

Best Workshop The price for the best workshop has been awarded to Jacob Menschel (together with Marvin Martiny and Anita Obenaus)!

February 17 Call for Participation opens

February 27 Registration opens

April 24 Call for Participation closes

April 24 Registration closes

Important Dates

Call for Participation opens February 17, 2023
Registration opens February 27, 2023
Call for Participation closes April 24, 2023
Registration closes April 24, 2023
73rd StuTS May 25 - 29, 2023
74th StuTS in Vienna Autumn 2023

Sister conferences

ULAB 2023, Manchester, UK, 13-15 April, 2023

TaCoS 2023, Düsseldorf, June 29-July 2, 2023

Code of Conduct

The 73rd StuTS adheres to the Berlin Code of Conduct.

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